Welcome to LG tónar, the website of the Icelandic double- bassplayer Leifur Gunnarsson.

Leifur Gunnarsson was born in Reykjavík 11th of December 1985. At the age of 18 he picked up the double bass after playing the electric bass for a while. Leifur studied some classical bass along with his jazz education and then graduated from The FÍH school of music in Reykjavík by the spring of 2009. One year later he moved to Copenhagen were he studied with Jesper Bodilsen, Jens Skou and Klavs Hovman at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium and graduated with B.mus degree in spring 2013.

On this webpage you can find information about Leifur’s recent projects. Please Check them out and enjoy some music examples.

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